David Vaucher is a director in the energy practice of management consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal. He is also a past editor-in-chief of "The Way Ahead" magazine, the Society of Petroleum Engineers' official publication for young professionals in the oil and gas industry. The views here are solely his own.

Article 109
Think all Millenials are entitled?  Meet these two

You know the story: "kids these days, they are SOOOO lazy. All they want to do is tweet and overshare; if they'd actually do some real work they'd get somewhere and they could stop complaining about how the world is so cruel to them!". ...

Big and small picture insights from the week of one oil & gas young professional

After a trip to Denver to visit my client last week, I look back with mixed feelings: a great, great few days for me personally where I came away feeling that I am absolutely on the right career path, but another bad week for the industry, which looks like it must prepare for a downturn that won't e ...