Phillips 66 drops Zachry Industrial, hires Wood Group

Phillips 66 Sweeny refinery. (Ryan Holeywell/Houston Chronicle)

Refining and petrochemical company Phillips 66 co., based in Houston, has dropped the industrial services and construction company Zachry Industrial as general maintenance contractor at the Sweeny Refinery in Old Ocean, about 65 miles southwest of Houston.

Global industrial giant Wood Group will officially take over the work on Monday.

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Zachry, based in San Antonio, reported to the state that 200 of its employees would lose their jobs at the Sweeny plant, which processes heavy crude into automobile and aviation fuel.

But Zachry said on Tuesday that the notice was just a state requirement. Many of Zachry’s Sweeny employees have already been offered jobs with Wood Group. And any who don’t stay at Sweeny can transfer to one of Zachry’s 400 other sites.

“Not one of those employees will lose their jobs,” said AJ Rodriguez, Zachry’s vice president of communications. “They all have an opportunity waiting for them.”