Gasoline prices keep rising

Houston area gas prices have climbed 20 cents over the past month as crude prices have risen and refiners switch to more expensive summer blends, according to, a website that tracks gas prices and refining activity.

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Gas prices averaged $2.27 a gallon in Houston Sunday, rising 5 cents a gallon and continuing the steady increases on recent weeks, GasBuddy said. The area’s gas prices are 39 cents a gallon higher that a year ago.

Nationally, gas prices are averaging $2.40 a gallon, up a penny from a week. The national average has risen 11 cents over the month and 29 cents over the year.

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But the run-up may soon be coming to an end, barring major escalation of warfare in Syria, said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for DeHaan said he expects prices to hit their peak over the next few weeks as refiners complete seasonal maintenance work and the shift to summer blends.