Solar power increases in Houston, but still lags behind San Antonio

Houston lags behind Texas’ other major cities when it comes to solar power, but the city is making steady gains, according to report released Tuesday by Environment Texas, an environmental non-profit.
Houston increased its solar capacity from 6 megawatts in 2015 to 8 megawatts in 2016. But most of Texas’ non-utility scale solar power is in San Antonoa, which has 117 megawatts. Houston’s solar capacity also ranks below Austin’s, with 31 megawatts, and Dallas’, with 12 megawatts, according to the report.
San Diego claimed the title as the U.S. city with the most solar capacity, at 303 megawatts.
Options for rooftop solar power, however, are increasing in Houston, where homeowners can buy or rent solar panels. Some local companies offer bill credits to customers to generate extra energy with their panels.