Texas tries to join fight against BLM methane regulations

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has asked a Wyoming court for permission to join a lawsuit protesting the Bureau of Land Management’s new rules regulating methane leaks and flaring from oil and gas operations.

If granted, Texas would join Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota in their request to stay enforcement of the rule, which were passed in November of last year. Wyoming initiated the lawsuit, which is opposed by California, New Mexico and several environmental advocacy groups.

Texas has only three million aces of federal lands, and has some private and state-owned mineral rights on those lands that would be subject to the BLM regulations, according to court documents.

In a brief submitted to the court, Paxton argued that the BLM rules are redundant, and require Texas oil and gas operators to gets permits from the BLM and the Railroad Commission of Texas, the state’s oil and gas regulator.