Wind power surpasses coal in European energy market

Wind has surpassed coal as a major energy source in Europe for the first time ever, according to an analysis of 2016 advancements in renewable energy from WindEurope, an industry trade group.

Last year, wind farms, both on and offshore, dominated additions to Europe’s power generation network — more than half of all installations were wind.  Wind is now one of the largest sources of power in Europe, second only to natural gas. But coal still remains a predominant source of energy — it accounts for 16.5 percent of Europe’s energy, whereas wind accounts for 16.7 percent, according to WindEurope’s study.

Most of the wind farms installed last year were onshore, more than 10,900 megawatts, but offshore editions have continued to grow every year.

German wind farms accounted for nearly half of all additions in 2016, and the country has the greatest wind energy capacity in Europe. But Denmark claims the top spot for the most wind power used in Europe.