Cameron president leaves Schlumberger for Flowserve

Scott Rowe is leaving his post leading Schlumberger’s Cameron Group in order to take over the chief executive role at Dallas-based Flowserve Corp. oilfield services firm.

Rowe assumed the president and CEO role at Houston-based Cameron International just in time to lead the company through its acquisition by the world’s largest energy services giant, Schlumberger. Since the deal closed last year, Rowe served as president of the Cameron division within Schlumberger.

Rowe worked at Cameron for about 15 years, taking over the CEO role in 2015 from the retiring Jack Moore. Rowe also had served as the CEO of OneSubsea, which was the Schlumberger-Cameron joint venture that served as the flirtation before the full merger.

At Flowserve, Rowe replaces Mark Blinn, who’d previously announced his retirement.