Energy CEOs speak their mind, laud ‘Trump euphoria’

Energy executives, after avoiding presidential politics for months, have finally begun speaking out on the nascent administration of President Donald Trump.

During earnings calls over the past few weeks, several have applauded moves to strip the industry of restrictive production regulations while, at the same time, counseling patience on proposals from border taxes to immigration.

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Not all have, however. A few are remaining steadfastly circumspect. Here’s one back-and-forth on a call last week between Noah Parquette, an analyst for banker J.P. Morgan, and John Hadjipateras, chief executive of the multinational liquefied petroleum gas shipping company Dorian LPG:

Parquette: To the extent you’ve given it some thought, what do you think the Trump administration would have in terms of impact on your business if any?

Hadjipateras: I think business in general was benefiting from some Trump euphoria, but please don’t ask me to speculate further than that.

Parquette: Okay.

Hadjipateras: I don’t think they know in the White House what’s coming in the next half an hour, let alone us trying to guess what’s going on.

Earnings calls continue this week.