Houston gas prices expected to keep falling

Average gasoline prices in Houston dropped 2.2 cents per gallon last week, to $2.10 per gallon, but remained well above the average gas price for this time last year, according an analysis by GasBuddy.com,  a website that tracks gas prices.

Prices are 48.5 cents higher than they were a year ago and 5.8 cents higher than they were a month ago.

While gas prices in Houston remain below the national average, $2.30 per gallon, which fell  by 3.2 cents per gallon. Prices around Texas, in Austin, Waco and College Station, all dropped.

It’s too soon to tell how President Donald Trump’s  “America First” energy policy that aims to be more friendly to oil producers will affect  gas prices, said Gregg Laskoski, a petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.

In the meantime, gas prices will continue to go down.

“While it’s too soon to speculate what such a plan might mean in the long term for prices at the pump, for now we expect another week of nominal decreases in retail gas prices,” added Laskoski.  “Refineries are unloading winter-blend gasoline at ‘fire sale’ prices.”