Transco pipeline network funneling record volume to heat the Northeast

The nation’s largest natural gas pipeline system is funneling more gas than ever from Texas  to help warm the Eastern Seaboard.

Oklahoma-based Williams said its crown jewel Transco interstate pipeline network is delivered record-setting natural gas volumes to meet demand driven by recent cold weather conditions. A new single-day delivery record was set on Jan. 8, as well as a new three-day record from Jan. 7-9.

The 10,200-mile Transco system stretches from the Texas Gulf Coast, where cheap and abundant Texas shale gas is collected, and piped through the Southeast and up the Eastern Seaboard all the way up to New York.

While the winter overall is proving milder than expected, much of the country, including Houston, dealt with sub-freezing temperatures throughout this past Jan. 7 weekend. The Transco system has completed recent expansions with more on the way.

Williams said it delivered a record-breaking 13.7 million dekatherms of natural gas on Jan. 8, breaking the previous high of 13.5 dekatherms on Jan. 5, 2015. One dekatherm is equal to 1 million British thermal units.

Natural gas prices are on a current upswing with greater demand during the winter months, but 2016 still saw the lowest natural gas prices in nearly 20 years. Natural gas production continues to exceed demand in the U.S. However, more liquefied natural gas export facilities and petrochemical plants are coming online later this year to consume more of that production, as well as more pipelines exporting natural gas to Mexico.