Gasoline prices rise again

Gasoline prices continued to climb in Houston and across the nation, following crude oils rise in commodity markets.

Average gasoline prices in the Houston area rose 1.1 cents a gallon this week to $2.13 a gallon, following a 6 cents increase the previous week, according to, which tracks gasoline prices across the nation. Prices locally are 42 cents from a year ago.

Nationally, prices are up 2 cents a gallon over the week and 29 cents over year to $2.37 a gallon.

Gas prices have tracked the rise in crude over the past month or so, following the deal by OPEC and other major oil producers to cut output. Oil was trading at about $53 a gallon this morning in New York.

The average gas price over the past month is up 16 cents a gallon in both the Houston area and the nation.