GE dominates in U.S. as wind turbine manufacturer

Nearly half of the wind energy in the United States comes from wind turbines built by General Electric, which has dominated the turbine industry for nearly 15 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

GE is part of a triumvirate of companies whose turbines account for 75 percent of the wind energy produced annually in the U.S., the Energy Department said.  Turbines from GE, Siemens, a German engineering company, and Vestas, a Danish wind-turbine manufacturer, generate most of the country’s wind energy.

Turbines from the three companies also accounted for 92 percent of all wind turbines installed in 2015. Last year, 42 percent of turbines installed were built by GE, while 34 percent were built by Vestas and 16 percent by Siemens, according to the EIA data.

GE has been the dominant manufacturer of wind turbines in the U.S. since it bought Enron’s wind business in 2002.