OTC attendees look to technology to solve industry woes, survey says

HOUSTON — Offshore Technology Conference visitors came to this year’s conference with an eye for new technology, according to a survey by British business services group Lloyd’s Register.

The survey found that 43 percent of OTC attendees considered the most pressing issue at the conference to be the incorporation of new technologies . Another 17 percent identified adopting new technologies from other industries as the most pressing issues and 13 percent called data rationalization and interpretation techniques the most pressing issues.

The high-tech focus comes as deepwater drilling has struggled to break even at $45 oil, thanks to the complex process and high costs of drilling under thousands of feet of water. Many in the industry hope that advances in manufacturing and computing can help make offshore drilling more effective, profitable and safer.

“As well as nudging down the bottom line, companies are looking to push up the top line by extracting maximum value from resources,” according to Lloyd’s Register.

Other responses to the survey included better collaboration within the industry and education initiatives for new graduates and industry entrants. Another 16 percent and 11 percent marked those respective issues the most important at the conference.