Texas pumps more oil in November, and the Eagle Ford Shale counties stay at the top of the list

Despite falling prices, Texas oil production continues to rise, and counties in the Eagle Ford Shale continue to top the state’s list of the biggest producers.

The state in November produced an average of 2.37 million barrels daily, up from 2.25 million daily barrels in November 2014, according to preliminary data released by the Texas Railroad Commission.

Karnes County is still pumping more crude oil than any other county, with 6 million barrels produced in November.

It was followed by La Salle County, also in the Eagle Ford, and Midland County in the Permian Basin.

All of the top 10 counties for oil production were in the Eagle Ford or Permian Basin.

Webb County led the state for natural-gas production, with 54 million MCF of gas. Webb County is part of the Eagle Ford Shale, mostly targeted for oil, and has long been one of the top natural gas producers.

Six of the top 10 counties for production of the light oil condensate were also in the Eagle Ford. Dimmit County produced about 2.1 million barrels of condensate in November, the most in the state.

Texas oil production is expected to have already peaked at a level near the 1972 all-time high, and will fall in 2016.

Here are the state’s top crude producers for November, in barrels and by field:

  1. Karnes (Eagle Ford): 6,052,467
  2. La Salle (Eagle Ford): 4,517,919
  3. Midland (Permian Basin): 3,586,823
  4. DeWitt (Eagle Ford): 3,522,371
  5. Upton (Permian Basin): 3,251,364
  6. Martin (Permian Basin): 3,035,032
  7. Andrews (Permian Basin): 2,858,650
  8. Gonzales (Eagle Ford): 2,773,677
  9. McMullen (Eagle Ford): 2,730,844
  10. Reeves (Permian Basin): 2,725,942

The top Texas natural gas producers, by MCF and field:

  1. Webb (Eagle Ford): 54,004,171
  2. Tarrant (Barnett): 45,271,558
  3. Panola (Haynesville): 25,299,748
  4. Dimmit (Eagle Ford): 22,670,948
  5. Johnson (Barnett): 20,605,565
  6. Karnes (Eagle Ford): 19,282,063
  7. Wise (Barnett): 18,620,327
  8. DeWitt (Eagle Ford): 17,755,896
  9. Denton (Barnett): 16,885,104
  10. La Salle (Eagle Ford): 13,537,906

The top Texas condensate producers, in barrels and by field:

  1. Dimmit (Eagle Ford): 2,075,906
  2. Webb (Eagle Ford): 1,312,117
  3. Karnes (Eagle Ford): 1,133,619
  4. DeWitt (Eagle Ford): 1,045,196
  5. Culberson (Permian Basin): 654,830
  6. Live Oak (Eagle Ford): 543,083
  7. Reeves (Permian Basin): 353,963
  8. La Salle (Eagle Ford): 263,223
  9. Wheeler (Granite Wash): 220,397
  10. Loving (Permian Basin): 192,005