Activists occupy BP headquarters ahead of 5-year anniversary of Gulf oil spill

A group of environmental activists occupied the lobby of BP’s Houston headquarters Wednesday morning to mark the five-year anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

KPRC reported that 15 to 20 protesters camped out at BP’s offices in Houston’s Energy Corridor for about an hour before police attempted to remove them. Activists said on social media that six members of the group were arrested.

BP spokesman Brett Clanton confirmed that six protesters made it into the lobby of the building, saying in an email that the group was “politely asked to leave private property and not disrupt business. They refused and were escorted out by the Houston Police Department.”

The protesters carried signs criticizing the company’s response to the 2010 offshore platform explosion and oil spill that killed 11 workers and unleashed about 3 million barrels of oil into the Gulf in 2010.

The fifth anniversary of the oil spill is on April 20.