Texas wind cracks 10 percent threshold

HOUSTON — The amount of wind power generated in the state cracked the 10 percent threshold last year for the first time as the industry continues to make strides in the western and Panhandle regions of Texas.

Wind was responsible for 10.6 percent of power generation in the state grid last year, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said in a report released Thursday. That’s up from 9.9 percent in 2013 and 6.2 percent in 2009.

Last year, the state set another wind threshold in March, when one evening it was responsible for providing nearly 29 percent of electricity that was in use on the ERCOT grid.

In 2013 work was completed on  a $7 billion project to build 3,500 miles of transmission lines designed to facilitate wind generation projects in the western and Panhandle parts of the state.

The Competitive Renewable Energy Zones, or CREZ lines, have largely been credited with contributing to the growth of the wind industry in the state.