Poll: More Americans say they prioritize alternative energy to fossil fuels

Public Prioritizes Development of Alternative Energy SourcesHOUSTON — A new survey shows vastly more Americans think the country should prioritize developing alternative energy sources over expanding fossil fuel production.

Survey respondents favored developing alternative energy sources like wind, solar and hydrogen over coal, oil and natural gas by a 60 percent to 30 percent margin.

The Pew Research Center conducted the survey of 1,507 adults earlier this month.

The survey broke out the results by gender, race, age, education level, income, and political affiliation.

Republicans were the only demographic group that had more members who preferred expanding fossil fuels.

Adults younger than 30 most heavily favored alternative fuels, with 74 percent of them picking that option over fossil fuels.

Still, when asked about specific policies, respondents favored several pro-oil policies. The majority of Americans favor expanded offshore drilling in U.S. waters as well as increased drilling on federally-owned lands.

A previous survey in November, however, showed that Americans oppose the increased use of hydraulic fracturing by a 47 percent-41 percent margin.