Government lags in measuring gush of U.S. crude

The federal government’s top energy analysts don’t know exactly how much oil is flowing from wells in Texas and Oklahoma today. Nor do they know how much natural gas is currently being extracted from wells in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

FuelFix reporter Jennifer A. Dlouhy looks at how the federal Energy Information Administration relies on state agencies for data about oil production, sometimes two years late. For natural gas, the EIA is collecting data from an outdated survey of producers in five states that was designed before technological advancements opened up new plays across the country.

In a story on, Dlouhy details the implications of the outdated information and how the EIA wants to fix the situation.

“We want to be able to tell, in a sense, the industry story,” EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski said this summer. “This is a huge success story in many ways for the companies and the nation, and having that kind of lag in such a rapidly moving area just simply isn’t allowing that full story to be told.”