Streamlining Transparency for the Energy Network

With growing populations across the U.S., energy demand is skyrocketing, driving innovation within the pipeline industry. Many companies have turned to Internet advancements, utilizing smart sensors and software, providing nearly immediate updates.

Updating our aging infrastructure with new technological innovations will ensure continued safety throughout the energy industry, and streamlining the efficiency of energy distribution.

Recently, numerous technological leaders, such as General Electric, Accenture, and Fox-Tek, are all increasing innovation in infrastructure across the nation, reducing energy prices and ensuring greater safety. For instance, Columbia Pipeline Group has begun modernizing their 15,000-mile gas pipeline network, through innovations, from GE, Accenture, and others.

The Intelligent Pipeline Solution combines GE software with Accenture’s experience in data integration, resulting in an upgraded pipeline network. Using this technology to monitor its system in nearly real-time, Columbia can streamline its operations and maintain ongoing safety standards.

Sensors installed along the pipeline network delivers nearly instantaneous analytics and risk assessments, allowing pipeline operators a more detailed scope of the current status of their system.

A similar initiative by Fox-Tek ensures pipeline safety through updated technology. Just like Columbia, the use of sensors on the physical pipeline is in place to detect corrosion. An additional fiber optic system determines bends, strains, and stresses within the network of pipes to prevent an unexpected accident.

These innovations, among others, allow companies to utilize greater transparency for the public-good. As new research and development emerges, we urge companies to utilize and implement technology for the increased safety of us all.