Texas has 104 natural gas stations and counting


A new Railroad Commission of Texas map shows more than 100 existing and planned spots in Texas where drivers can fuel up their natural gas vehicles.

A few years ago there were 69 stations across the Texas, the agency said.

Now there are 60 public fueling stations and 44 private stations. Next year, 67 more stations are expected to open. So far, Texas has more than 7,100 natural gas vehicles.

“These numbers show that Texas is solving the old chicken-and-egg problem,” said Railroad Commissioner David Porter, in a press release.  “Fleets are buying more natural gas vehicles because we have more stations. And the more vehicles they buy, the more natural gas stations get built.”

Porter and the Railroad Commission have been pushing natural gas – produced in abundance across Texas – as a cleaner-burning alternative to gasoline or diesel. You can search for natural gas fueling stations at this Department of Energy interactive map. (If you’re in San Antonio, which has lagged other metro areas in adding natural gas stations, go to the Flying J at Foster Road and Interstate 10 east of downtown).

Porter has organized a Texas Natural Gas Summit in Austin on Oct. 23. You can get information here.

The summit is free, open to the public and will include the latest natural gas vehicle technology for commercial and personal use, as well as information and workshops for fleet managers and oil field operators. Job hunters can connect with potential employers.