Drillers in Colorado especially mindful of the neighbors

In Weld County, Colorado, a steady rumble of engines provides a soundtrack for operations at Anadarko Petroleum Corp.’s new “stim center,” where five silos dispense silica into blending equipment and a dozen tractor-trailers provide horsepower to blast the resulting sand-water slurry deep underground.

Typically, the focus of such an industrial hydraulic fracturing operation would be wells just 100 feet away. But here, as FuelFix reporter Jennifer A. Dlouhy explains, wells targeted for stimulation are a mile away, separated from the noise and clustered equipment by fields, farms and grazing cattle. With the stim center, Anadarko can consolidate well stimulation operations and hydraulic fracturing supplies in a single location serving multiple well pads.

The change makes economic sense for Anadarko, which is able to reduce down time for its fracturing equipment by moving the oil field arsenal just eight times a year instead about 25. And it makes for good public relations, too, as drilling rigs and fracturing trucks inundate Northeast Colorado’s Wattenberg Field, moving next door to homes and prompting calls for tighter limits on the activity.

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