Some Chevron, Texaco stations still aren’t selling premium

Two weeks after Chevron suspended sales of premium and mid-grade gasoline at Houston-area pumps after discovering bad fuel, some of the 500 stations still aren’t selling the products.

A Chevron Corp. spokesman said all the  Chevron and Texaco stations have received fresh supplies, but that some haven’t  resumed sales. He declined to say how many, and couldn’t explain their delays in offering the higher-grades.

A spokesman for the Texas Department of Agriculture, which inspects and regulates the state’s fuel pumps, said  Chevron assured the agency sales will resume shortly.

The company halted sales July 2 at hundreds of independently owned stations when some drivers noticed problems with their vehicles after filling up with premium gasoline. The bad fuel had high levels of a substance that makes valves stick and leaves deposits in injectors, potentially causing engine damage.

While the company isolated the problem to a single batch of premium fuel supplied by a regional terminal in Galena Park where additives are mixed into the gasoline, the company has not yet determined how the fuel became contaminated.

Chevron did not detect problems with the mid-grade fuel but temporarily took it off the market because it is blended with premium.

State investigators randomly inspected some of the refilled Chevron and Texaco stations but results are pending, Agriculture Department spokesman Bryan Black said in an interview.