Chevron investigates bad gasoline in Houston pumps

Chevron continues to investigate how a bad batch of gasoline ended up in Houston-area pumps, sparking consumer complaints and forcing the company to suspend sales of premium and blended mid-grade gasoline at 500 local stations for several days.

The company halted sales July 2 after some complained of problems with their vehicles after filling up.

After gradually testing the fuel quality in hundreds of independently owned Houston-area stations supplied with Chevron and Texaco gasoline, the company discovered “a limited number” with substandard premium gasoline. A spokesman could not immediately say how many stations were affected or how many consumers complained.

“We don’t believe many people were affected by this,” Braden Reddall, Chevron’s senior downstream media adviser said in an interview.

No problems have been detected with the mid-grade gasoline. Chevron temporarily took it off the market because it’s blended with premium gasoline.

About three-quarters of stations have been cleared to resume selling.

The company has not yet determined the source of the problem which was isolated to the greater Houston area where stations are supplied by the same regional terminal in Galena Park where additives are mixed into the gasoline. That terminal can store up to 460,000 barrels, Reddall said.

“It was one batch of premium gasoline that was affected by this,” he said.

Those who believe they purchased bad gasoline can call 855-285-9595 or email

Chevron issued an apology Thursday and promised to provide some sort of remedy to those whose claims can be linked to the faulty gasoline, he said.

All Chevron gasoline sold after July 2 has been verified as safe and consumers who have not yet experienced any problems with their vehicles likely needn’t worry, Reddall said.

“If your car is running fine, there probably is no reason to be concerned,” he said.