Groups tell Obama: Don’t wait on Keystone

WASHINGTON — Forty-four groups representing oil companies, truckers, manufacturers and other interests on Tuesday implored Secretary of State John Kerry to approve the Keystone XL pipeline that would ferry Canadian crude to the Gulf Coast.

The State Department paused deliberations over whether the proposed TransCanada Corp. pipeline is in the national interest in April, to allow time for courts to rule on a challenge that ultimately could affect its route through Nebraska.

But that timeout is not necessary, the organizations said.

“There is no reason for the president to delay issuing the cross-border permit due to a state appellate court proceeding,” the groups said in a letter to Kerry.

“Keystone XL enjoys the support of the Nebraska governor and policymakers; Nebraska conducted a thorough route assessment; (and) the State Department has found in all five environmental reviews that the project would not significantly impact the environment,” the organizations said. “The issue of our national interest will not be affected or changed by the outcome of the Nebraska decision.”

The letter was signed by the American Petroleum Institute, the National Association of Manufacturers, North America’s Building Trades Unions and other groups.

Legislation pending on Capitol Hill would immediately permit the project, but it is unlikely the Senate will take up the issue before the mid-term elections in November. In the meantime, Keystone XL supporters are hoping to keep pressure on the Obama administration and some of the pipeline’s critics in Congress.

Keystone Letter to Kerry From various associations 7-8-14

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