Who’s at OTC? Hasif Mohammad of Qatar

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Hasif Mohammad
Doha, Qatar

For Hasif Mohammad, director of marketing at Sea Gulf, Wednesday marked his first-ever day at OTC, and he wasn’t too impressed so far. Having flown in the night before from Doha, Qatar, his home as well as Sea Gulf’s, Mohammad had not yet explored all there was to see.

FuelFix: Why did you come to OTC?

Mohammad: We sell products to the oil and gas industry. We have various principals working with us whose products we market and sell in Qatar.

FuelFix: Are you exhibiting here or just attending?

Mohammad: I am just a visitor to the exhibition, to look at the latest technology that’s coming in — new products, and new vendors coming in with better (product) certification. All the big players are consolidating these days, but we are still looking for a new company that comes along that is looking to work with us. So we’re looking for tying up with them and promoting their products. In the Middle East, there is a sense that European and American products are higher in quality.

FuelFix: Is that true?

Mohammad: I think for the most part, yes. Other products, maybe nine out of 10 are good all the time. In oil and gas, you need to be good 10 out of 10.

FuelFix: What have you thought of OTC so far?

Mohammad: Considering the hype, it has fallen short of what I expected. I think it’s not as big as what they have been telling around. There are very few European manufacturers here.

FuelFix: You know there’s more in the big arena, right?

Mohammad: Yes but I am not interested in seeing some stalls like Shell. They are beautiful stalls but they don’t have anything which you have seen everywhere.

FuelFix: Will you come back?

Mohammad: Maybe not for OTC. I don’t think specifically I will come to visit OTC like I have done now.

FuelFix: But maybe Houston?

Mohammad: This is my first time in Houston. It’s a very nice place. Very clean, very organized. I see a lot of greenery. It is very thinly populated; not densely populated. The weather is also good this time of year.

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