Houston’s best places to eat and drink during OTC


Before heading out to dinner, catch happy hour at one of Houston’s most popular watering holes. The city offers a diversity of bars, ranging from iconic icehouses to classic cocktail lounges. Here are eight of our favorites.


Houston loves its Tex-Mex. We flock to places where the chips and salsa are unlimited, the margaritas are strong and the tortillas arrive still warm. Increasingly, we’re also embracing restaurants that serve more traditional Mexican fare. And, yes, the cuisines are distinct. Check out our 10 favorite places for best Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.



You simply cannot visit Texas and not try the barbecue. Lucky for you, Houston has really stepped up its game in recent years. After years of being overshadowed by Hill Country power smokers like Franklin, Mueller and Snow’s, Houston’s pitmasters are serving up notable briskets, ribs and sausage. If you’re hungry for barbecue, don’t miss these 10 places.


Fine dining

The only things Texans take seriously are oil and cattle. Even when it comes to fine dining, there’s no need for it to be stuffy. Here are 18 of Houston’s favorite places to mark special occasions, or just another Monday.


If you love a good steak, then you’ve come to the right place. Houston is brimming with exceptional steakhouses. Be sure to check out these eight top picks.