Oily mist sprayed over 27 acres at Prudhoe Bay

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — State officials say an oily mist was sprayed over 27 acres of snow-covered tundra on the North Slope because of a pipeline failure.

Authorities say the release of natural gas and water containing crude oil was found during routine inspections Monday. The spray was active for about two hours before the line was isolated and depressurized.

The spill happened at the BP Exploration (Alaska) west operating area in Prudhoe Bay, at H Pad Well 8. That site remained shut down Tuesday.

The cause and amount of oil spilled is not known at this time. BP spokeswoman Dawn Patience says in an email to The Associated Press that crews were still assessing repairs, and it’s too soon to estimate any long-term impacts.

No wildlife has been impacted.