Gulf well shut in after blackout

WASHINGTON — An electrical blackout at an offshore floating production facility forced it to disconnect from at least one Talos well in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday.

According to federal regulators, the Helix Producer 1, a production and offloading vessel, was pulling hydrocarbons from at least one well when power went out at 1:45 p.m. central.

Staff responded by disconnecting the ship from its mooring system, a move that immediately shut in the well.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement estimated that a gallon or less of hydrocarbons was released as a result of the incident. No workers were injured.

Electrical power had already been restored at the facility as of 4:30 p.m. Friday, though production will remain shut in until federal regulators inspect the site.

Talos has had at least two other high-profile Gulf incidents in the past year. In July, it countered a leaking gas well.

And in October, a worker died after falling off a platform operated by Talos.

The company is one of just two firms being forced to improve the safety of its operations under a “performance improvement plan” imposed by the bureau.

Talos acquired Energy Resource Technology from Helix last year. In the deal, Talos took over a portfolio of Helix’s Gulf assets, including new exploration wells as well as older facilities.