Energy tie to Malaysian jet mystery? (video)

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HOUSTON — There’s been chatter about the possibility that an offshore oil rig worker may have seen the missing Malaysia Airlines jet go down.

ABC News includes the possible sighting by the oil rig worker in its look at what is known about the crash and investigation.

In a post on an industry social networking site, OilPro Managing Director Joseph Triepke said that, given the vast number of offshore oil rigs and platforms in the world’s oceans, he wondered if an offshore worker might have seen something related to the missing jet.

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By Wednesday night, the Associated Press and others were reporting that satellite images from a Chinese government website show suspected debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner floating off the southern tip of Vietnam, near the plane’s original flight path, China’s Xinhua News Agency said.

The Chinese sighting, if confirmed, would be closer to where the hunt began.

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