Marrying tablets and Google Glass to increase the efficiency of oil & gas field operations (video)

I’m really excited to report that the first video I posted showcasing the potential applications of Google Glass in the oilfield has surpassed one thousand views!

Since then, I’ve continued to explore how portable technology can make life easier and safer for field engineers, though focusing less on Glass and more on tablets.  While it seems that I’ve taken a detour, I feel I’ve just taken the next logical step in Google Glass development, as I explain in my second video, which can be viewed here.

Google’s philosophy towards Google Glass is that it isn’t meant to be used as a standalone device, but rather as a complement to already existing tablets and smartphones.  I’ve used Google Glass quite a bit now, and I agree with this:  it’s great for presenting essential data you can absorb with just a glance, but I wouldn’t want to be staring at it as much as I do my phone and tablet screen.

Furthermore, there is the issue of data creation for Google Glass.  In the first video I posted, I had to preset in code the information I wanted displayed; it is not realistic to assume everyone will do this to create their own Google Glass content.  I wanted to start creating a platform that is familiar to users, which also enables easy data transfer to the Google Glass device, and a tablet app seemed the perfect way to do that.

For these reasons, I have started to program what I’m calling for now a “Digital Tally Book”; eventually it will be a standalone application for field engineers, as well as an easy way to send relevant content to the Google Glass device.  What I have now is a very early prototype running on my Google Nexus 7 tablet.  Originally, I had wanted to wait until I was very far along before doing a “big reveal”, but I have since come to the decision that it would be more interesting to chronicle this project as it evolves.  That way, not only can I plant my stake(s) in the ground early on some of the emerging usability issues, but I can also hopefully gather feedback from people (who don’t mind me then incorporating their suggestions into this app…please don’t share anything you would have a problem with me appropriating!).

The video can be accessed from this link.

I hope you enjoy it!