Poll: Where will the world’s next energy boom be?

With analysts debating the decline of the U.S. energy boom — at least one economist believes the end of shale fever is imminent — other regions worldwide are poised to step to the forefront.

The promise held below the Arctic’s icy waters or in Mexico’s newly opened oil and gas deposits could help feed future global energy demand after the U.S. shale boom slows.

But all drilling regions hold challenges. Among them, safety concerns have delayed drilling plans in the Arctic and policy disputes have plagued Brazil’s pre-salt development. The deep-water Gulf of Mexico has been hit by new regulations and hefty costs.

As experts discuss the global energy outlook on the opening day of the IHS CERAWeek energy conference, let us know which region you feel is most likely site for the next energy boom. If there’s another region that you believe will rise to the top, let us know in the comments below.

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