Eagle Ford is nation’s top guzzler of water for fracking

A recent report found that the Eagle Ford Shale has the highest water use of any shale drilling region in the country, with 28 percent of them in high- or extreme-stress water regions.

Ceres, an environmental advocacy group, examined wells across the country to determine how hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, impacts water scarcity. The oil and gas production technique involves flushing massive amounts of water, along with sand and chemicals, deep underground to fracture the dense rock that hold the fossil fuels.

“Texas is ground zero for water sourcing risks due to intense shale energy productionin recent years a nd a projected doubling of hydrualic fracturing-related water use over the next dcade,” the report noted. “All of this comes as over two–thirds of Texas continues to experience drought conditions, key groundwater aquifers are under stress and the state’s population is growing.”

The Texas Tribune broke down the water-use data by county, showing that Dimmit County — in the Eagle Ford Shale — was home to the largest volumes of fracking-related water use.

Check out the photo gallery above to find out which drilling regions across the country use the largest amount of water annually.