How Google Glass can make oil field work safer (video)

FuelFix Voices blogger David Vaucher is among the first people to get access to Google Glass and is exploring ways to use the wearable technology in the oil field.

Working through the Google Glass Explorers Program, Vaucher, a petroleum engineer, is chronicling his experience with the computerized eyewear on his FuelFix blog Building Hydrocarbon Bonds.

He notes that wearable technology can provide a solution to oil field data overload, as the industry drills more complex wells and taps more challenging reservoirs. Google Glass programs can give field engineers handsfree access to large amounts of data in an efficient way. 

“It is really, really crucial that the oil and gas industry not see Glass and its future iterations as a way to PUSH more and more data onto its field specialists and engineers, but rather a means that these professionals can more easily PULL this data in a way that frees them up to work more safely and efficiently,” Vaucher wrote.

Vaucher is working on Google Glass test programs that would give field engineers voice-activated access to details about a job location and its equipment, as he demonstrates in the video above. He notes that the technology also could be used to conduct field walkthroughs from a safe location.

In another job application, firefighters have demonstrated how the technology can assist in responding to emergencies, helping to maneuver safely through smoky environments.

Though Google Glass is not without its challenges for on-the-j0b applications, Vaucher says, “I really do feel like this is the future of technology and there are tons of potential applications for Google Glass in the oil field.”