First video of Google Glass application for oil & gas

In my post last week, I promised that I would shortly show my first attempt at demonstrating just how useful Google Glass can be when it is used in the oilfield.  Well, it’s been many hours of research and debugging, but the first demonstration is ready!

In this YouTube video, I show you how Google Glass can be used either for pre-job briefings, walking a company man through certain aspects of the job on location, or most powerfully of all, putting critical information right in front of a field engineer, in a non-intrusive and hands-free way.

While my current role involves me providing a service to the oil & gas industry, I don’t work with a field service company or operator.  That’s a shame, since I wanted to do an “action” demonstration similar to the one in this video showing how Google Glass can be utilized by firefighters.   For the moment, I still believe that you can simply watch the video and imagine being up on the rig floor, calling out “pull up the bottom hole assembly”, and having it right there in front of you. ..

This video is extremely exciting for me:  not only am I pleased that I was able to get to this point, but also from what I can tell it’s the first tangible example on the web of Glass being applied to an oil & gas context.  I hope this video sparks some discussion about the other ways wearable technology can be applied in the oilfield!

Here again is the link to the video.