Moniz declines to comment on oil exports

During a visit to San Antonio Thursday, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said President Barack Obama’s push for use of all energy sources — his “all of the above” energy policy — is the best solution to meet the nation’s power needs.

At the same time, he said it’s a clear goal of the administration to reduce carbon emissions, which means building capacity for clean energy and fostering innovation.

He stated the administration’s case in a town hall meeting of students and community residents at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s downtown campus, where he praised the city and the university for being leaders in clean energy and innovation.

After his talk, Moniz declined to discuss the status of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, saying it is a State Department matter.

He also demurred when asked whether it’s a good idea to lift the nation’s almost total ban on exporting oil, saying it’s an issue for the Commerce Department to consider.