Natural gas conversion center opens in Converse

Houston-based Nat G CNG Solutions has opened its newest center in Converse.

Nat G converts new and in-service vehicles to run on compressed natural gas, or CNG. The company also designs, builds and installs natural gas fueling stations for commercial and government clients.

Nat G’s clients in the region include San Antonio-based Lewis Energy Group, a longtime South Texas driller and one of the earliest companies into the Eagle Ford Shale.

“Nat G has been an important partner for Lewis Energy and we are delighted to see them expanding into South Texas,” said Chuck Anderson, general manager of Lewis Energy Group, in a press release. “Nat G designed and built our new fueling station in Encinal and they are leading our ongoing program to transition the Lewis fleet to run on natural gas.”

Nat G also has converted the vehicle fleet for the Texas Railroad Commission and is also building a natural gas fueling system for it in Austin.

Dennis Foose, senior vice president for Nat-G CNG Solutions, said the company offers three kinds of conversions: bi-fuel (which allow the vehicle to run on both CNG or gasoline/diesel), dual fuel (which blends natural gas and diesel) or the full conversion to CNG, which is often used by companies with trucks that have an out-and-back route so they can fuel at their own stations.

“If you’re driving 30,000 miles a year or more, it definitely makes economic sense,” Foose said.

Nat-G can convert about 200 different types of engines on everything from light-duty pickup trucks and SUVs to heavy-duty trucks. The cost to convert an engine for a light-duty trucks is around $8,500 to $10,000.

Nat G CNG Solutions has started delivering vehicles from its new Converse facility.

The company has locations in Texas and Louisiana.