Even if you have a gas-gobbler, you’ll pay less this year

HOUSTON — Americans who embark on road trips next week will be blessed with the lowest fuel prices in three years, AAA says.

Based on data collected in cooperation with IHS Global Insights, the travel club said 38.9 million of us will travel more than 50 miles from home by automobile during the Thanksgiving travel period from next Wednesday to Dec. 1.

In October — when surveyors reckoned people began planning and budgeting for Thanksgiving trips — regular gasoline averaged $3.34. That was the lowest since $2.79 in 2010 — though still high in historic terms.

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The lower-price pattern continues heading into Thanksgiving week.

“The national average is at the cheapest level of the year and should continue to drop in the weeks ahead,” AAA said in a news release this week accompanying the IHS / AAA Thanksgiving 2013 Forecast.

“Drivers can find stations selling gas for less than $3 per gallon in the vast majority of states.”

Regular averaged $3.24 nationwide on Friday, down from $3.43 a year ago, AAA said.

The average in Houston was $3.03 on Friday, down from $3.14 this time last year.

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