Some allowed home after Texas pipeline explosion

MILFORD, Texas (AP) — Some residents of a rural North Texas town are being escorted to their homes as a nearby Chevron pipeline continues to burn.

Ellis County sheriff’s deputies are accompanying residents Friday who need to retrieve medication or check on pets. Homeowners are only allowed to stay briefly.

Fatal accident: Worker killed in Chevron refinery explosion, fire

The sheriff’s office reported no incidents overnight related to the liquefied petroleum gas pipeline near Milford, 40 miles south of Dallas.

A drilling crew Thursday punctured the line, triggering an explosion. The fire continues to burn but is diminishing in size. Nobody is hurt.

Chevron requested a 1½-mile evacuation zone for Milford, which has about 700 residents. The American Red Cross set up an evacuation shelter in nearby Italy (IT’-lee), where about three dozen people stayed Thursday night.

Chevron has apologized for the accident.