BP launches website to “set the record straight” on the Gulf

British oil giant BP has set up a website to “set the record straight” about the economic and environmental recovery in the Gulf of Mexico, where the company’s Macondo well spilled millions of barrels of oil into the ocean in 2010.

The site also showcases “the company’s view of related legal developments,” said Geoff Morrell, a BP spokesman, in an email Wednesday.

BP is still battling legal fallout from the worst offshore oil spill in American history, and the third phase of a civil trial combining many of the legal disputes that arose from the disaster is slated to start up next year in New Orleans.

“This site is part of the company’s continuing effort to keep employees, shareholders and the general public informed about BP’s progress in fulfilling its commitment to economic and environmental restoration along the Gulf Coast,” says a post on the website, which features news about the Gulf, legal developments and the company’s recovery efforts in the region.

A post placed on the website Tuesday bears the headline, “Gulf Tourism Industry Continues to Break Records,” citing the online news site AL.com.

“In 2013, south Baldwin County, Alabama (including popular vacation destinations Gulf Shores and Orange Beach) is poised to see record-breaking tourism numbers for the third year in a row.  This is another example of the economic recovery in the Gulf since the Deepwater Horizon accident.”

The site also features a menu called “Answering Our Critics,” in which the company lays out various defenses against claims made against BP, such as the government’s calculation that about 4.2 million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf.  BP contends the amount was 2.45 million barrels. A barrel is 42 gallons.

The amount spilled will figure in fines BP may pay under the Clean Water Act.