Plains Pipeline, Enterprise to spend $120M expanding Eagle Ford venture

Plains All American Pipeline and Enterprise Products Partners said Thursday they will expand their Eagle Ford joint-venture crude oil pipeline.

The expansion will boost the pipeline’s capacity to 470,000 barrels per day of light and medium crude oil grades to accommodate additional volumes expected from Plains’ Cactus pipeline currently under construction.

The Eagle Ford pipeline expansion is expected to cost about $120 million and should be in service in the second quarter of 2015.

West Texas: Plains All American announces new Permian Basin pipeline

The Eagle Ford joint-venture pipeline system, most of which is currently in service and is expected to be completed by the end of the month, is a 50-50 effort between Plains and Enterprise.

It serves the Three Rivers and Corpus Christi refineries and other markets via marine transport facilities at Corpus Christi. The pipeline supplies the Houston-area market through a connection to the Enterprise Crude Pipeline terminal at Lyssy in Wilson County, Texas.

The expansion also includes constructing an additional 2.3 million barrels of operational storage capacity in Gardendale, Tilden and Corpus Christi.