US gasoline, diesel exports nearing record again

U.S. exports of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products has hit its highest ever level for the third quarter of the year and is on pace to set an overall record, according to federal data.

The United States exported 3.19 million barrels of petroleum products in the week ending Sept. 6, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Exports: New data shows shifting US energy landscape, as petroleum exports soar

The record for exports of diesel, gasoline and other products was set early this year, when overseas buyers took about 3.24 million barrels of products per day in three weeks ending March 8.

But petroleum product exports have tended to reach highs early in the year, according to recent trends. The late surge will continue to improve U.S. petroleum products exports, which have been on an upward trend since 2006.