Clean energy jobs show small bounce in second quarter

Clean energy and transportation employers expanded U.S. payrolls by more than 38,600 jobs in the second quarter, a 3.2 percent lift from the same period a year before.

A third of the new clean energy workers will clock in at renewable energy projects in solar, wind and biomass, while more than half took  jobs in public transportation, electricity transmission and energy efficiency.

That’s according to a recent report from Environmental Entrepreneurs, an environmental advocacy group.

The group reported that Texas added 2,000 clean energy and transportation jobs in the second quarter, the eighth-highest amount in any state.

E.ON Climate and Renewables North America, the largest U.S. renewable power project owner, began operations at two new Texas wind farms late last year, one in Willacy County, the other in Kinney County.

Along with a third wind farm in Indiana that started up last year, E.ON said it created about 600 jobs, fired up power for more than 150,000 homes and pumped about $1 billion in those rural communities.

However, several states, including California, Hawaii and Maryland, dwarfed Texas’ clean energy job growth in the second quarter, hiring about 9,100, 5,000 and 4,400 new workers, respectively.

The largest chunk of U.S. clean energy jobs – more than 10,400 – went to solar power projects, followed by public transportation (about 9,600) and electricity transmission (about 8,200).