Texas-sized power bills dwarf electricity use in other states

Texans use about 26 percent more electricity than the national average – and are paying for the pleasure, according to a report issued Monday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The average Texas household spends about $1,800 a year on electricity and uses more than 14,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity — both numbers among  the highest in the nation but  similar to other states with warm weather. Florida, for example, spends nearly $2,000 a year per household on electricity, while the national average hovers around $1,300 per household.

Air conditioners account for almost 20 percent of electricity use in Texas, far above the 6 percent national average. Several power companies have offered tips on how to ease the summer heat – and painful checkbook smack – by making small adjustments in the house.

But Texans use more power for the gadgets around the house, as well – the average Texan house uses more than 40 percent of its electricity on appliances, electronics and lighting, while the national average is 35 percent.

Space heaters, however, are much less prevalent in Texas than in the rest of the country, accounting for about 22 percent consumption. The average US home uses 41 percent of its electricity consumption on space heaters, which are more prevalent in older homes.

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