Map shows hurricane progress toward oil assets

As hurricane season is kicking into full gear, the U.S. Energy Information Administration released an interactive map that details the real-time progress of storms in relation to energy installations.

The map updates automatically and pulls from live data published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The weather data helps to generate an image showing the progress and projected paths of storms on top of more than 20 layers of data points listing weather events and energy installations, like oil and gas assets in the gulf of Mexico.

“This new tool, available around the clock on the EIA website, allows industry, energy analysts, government decision makers, and the American public to better see and understand the potential impact of a storm,” a statement on the EIA website said.

Powerful storms regularly threaten and damage the nation’s energy infrastructure, and industry experts expect the risk to grow with climate change.

The chief economist of the International Energy Agency told FuelFix last month that climate change will cost energy companies more money because of damaged infrastructure and the costs of hardening equipment against  against stronger storms.

And President Obama, in a speech on climate change, said that the nation would need to make changes to protect against more powerful weather events.