Energy tycoons not Texas’ top political donors

The oil and gas industry wields a lot of power in Texas, but when it comes to political donations on the national stage, energy moguls fall behind the state’s lawyers, sportsmen and tech titans.

In a ranking of Texas’ top political megadonors in the 2012 election, just two energy magnates made the top 13, according to this cool infographic by reporter Sarah Ferris. Legendary energy executive T. Boone Pickens was the state’s 12th biggest donor, doling out $1.12 million. Oil and gas entrepreneur Steven A. Webster rounded out the top 13, giving $1.09 million to political candidates.

Texas’ chief political donors gave more than any state except California and New York, with 2,700 Texas donors handing out $200 million, Ferris notes in the Texas on the Potomac political blog. And Houston shelled out more than any other Texas city, with Republican candidates banking five times more ($53 million) from Houston’s top donors than Democrats ($10.5 million).