Pain at the pump? Smile. At least you don’t live in Norway.

Think gasoline is expensive? It’s all relative. The cost of filling up the 39-gallon tank of a Chevrolet Suburban in Turkey is $389.22, while in the U.S. it’s $137. In Venezuela, it’s just $1.56.

Bloomberg has surveyed 60 countries around the globe to see which drivers are paying the most to fill up their tanks and which are paying the least.

You wouldn’t know it given the prominent position gas prices take in public discourse and political debate, but U.S. drivers fare well in the ranking of global gas prices, with a relatively low tax rate.

But OPEC’s oil exporting heavy-weights give their drivers the best deal, with hefty subsidies taking prices as low as 4 cents a gallon.

For the complete 60-country ranking, check out Bloomberg’s detailed interactive tool. It also tells you how much gasoline the citizens of various countries consume and how much of their paychecks is spent on fuel.