Commentary: Criticizing the feds, defending Millennials and questioning ‘bridge fuel’

FuelFix’s energy experts are weighing in on the some of the biggest issues effecting the energy world, from the federal approach to natural gas exports to hiring strategies amid the industry’s workforce shortage. Check out what positions our Voices bloggers are taking on hot topics this week:

William O'Keefe
William O’Keefe

In ‘Capitolizing on Energy‘, Bill O’Keefe, CEO of The Marshall Institute, takes aim at the Department of Energy over its approach to LNG exports, saying the federal agency’s procrastination is hurting the country and “dodging and indecision has been rife.”





David Vaucher
David Vaucher

In ‘Building Hydrocarbon Bonds‘, young energy professional David Vaucher defends the Millennial generation and explains why the oil and gas industry is making a critical recruiting mistake in valuing experience over achievement, while in midst of a critical workforce shortage.






In Energy Burrito, Matt Smith interviews Center for Liquefied Natural Gas President Bill Cooper. He fleshes out why Cooper hates the term “bridge fuel” and delves into how he believes the contentious export debate will play out.


Amy Baker JaffeWriting for energy expert Amy Myers Jaffe, UC Davis researcher Rosa Dominquez-Faus explains why the U.S. shale gas revolution and renewable energy efforts should be seen as complements, rather than competitors.