North Dakota oil production continues record pace

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota drillers continue to produce oil and natural gas at a record pace, data from the state Department of Mineral Resources show.

The agency said the state produced an average of about 793,250 barrels daily in April. That’s up from about 783,000 barrels a day in March.

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Data show there were 8,758 producing wells in April, up from 8,639 wells in March.

North Dakota also produced a record 846,906 million cubic feet of natural gas daily in April. In March, the state produced 834,637 million cubic feet.

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The state also had a record 185 new wells connected to natural gas gathering lines in April. But the percentage of natural gas burned off as a byproduct of oil production remained at 29 percent.

The April tally is the latest figure available because oil production numbers typically lag at least two months.