OTC offered suite deal for visitors (photos)

OTC 2013 came and went without the signature withering heat that typically is part and parcel of attending a conference in Houston in May.

But that did not mean the 50-some-odd hospitality suites established by some companies were not a welcome sight for attendees, after a long day of trudging past crowded booths and towering industrial structures.

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“We get comments that this is the nicest hospitality suite,” said Ansell Sims, director of commercial operations for GL Noble Denton, who hosted its suite for the third year in a row. “You provide a nice relaxed setting and a nice meal – it goes a long way. It is a good gesture – people know we are not trying to cut corners. Reliant center can wear you down and you are competing with so many booths out there.”

GL Noble Denton offered two technical sessions a day for any interested attendee, followed by a hot lunch. Lunch offerings ranged from shrimp and brisket to bacon-wrapped chicken to spring rolls and beef satays.

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BP’s hospitality suite overshadowed GL Noble Denton in its size and was also a hotspot for educating its guests, who got to mix and mingle with top BP executives and take in its many informational panels.

Other hospitality sites also doubled as a location for a good time, including Siemens’ third-floor suite, which hosted its May 8 Cinco de Mayo party.