BP encourages students to explore the wild world of energy

About 200 high school students got the chance to tour the exhibit floor at the Offshore Technology Conference on Thursday morning. For the second year, OTC has opened its floor to the next generation of workers. BP sponsored the event — it bought the students and their teachers box lunches and sent an army of green-shirted BP employees out to lead the tours.

“I liked looking at the different technology,” said Minh Bui, a senior at Carl Wunsche Senior High School in Spring. “It gave me a look at the industry and what I can do.”

Bui doesn’t need a lot of convincing, however. He’s headed to Texas A&M University in the fall to study petroleum engineering after he did an internship this year with Cameron International Corp.

“That sparked my interest,” he said.

Adam Duerer is also heading to A&M this fall and he plans to study aerospace engineering.

It involves the most physics, said Duerer, who did an internship at an architectural firm.